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Solid Monolithic Zirconia

We Invented Solid Zirconia

diamond-in-diamond-160wIt is a bit of trivia now, but the first solid zirconia restoration made on a CAD/CAM system was made out of Crystal Zirconia.

Crystal Zirconia is and always has been the most translucent zirconia on the market.  We saw the demand early, and we were the first to create two types of zirconia, both high strength and high translucency.

Then in 2010, we were the first to introduce Crystal Diamond, and new level of translucency, and the very first zirconia esthetic enough to create beautiful and natural-looking full-contour restorations.  We also introduced the 3D transitional shading technique to the market, which enhances the esthetics of this already beautiful product.

In 2012, we introduced Crystal Diamond Plus, which was both another leap in translucency PLUS unprecedented strength characteristics, making Crystal Diamond Plus the ONLY zirconia used by many labs for both frameworks and full contour.

Also in 2012, 3M ESPE Lava also introduced a new translucent zirconia. and they independently tested their new product against the dozen leading products on the market, three of which are Crystal brands.  And after exhaustive testing, 3M, our competitor and one of the best science companies in the US, threw in the towel and announced that even after doing the best that they can do, Crystal Diamond Zirconia was still the most translucent zirconia on the market (and then a few months later, we introduced Crystal Diamond Plus, yet another leap in translucency and stength):


PS. To give credit where credit is due, Zirkon Zahn from Switzerland was actually the first company to ever produce full-contour solid zirconia restorations, but they did it using a manual copy hand milling tool, not using computer aided design or automated milling.  When we created ours, we did it on CAD/CAM design, and since it was before the CAD/CAM software was ready for full contour, we had to create some of our own tooth morphologies, our own milling routines, etc.  When we first created solid contour zirconia restorations, and offered Crystal Diamond to the market, almost no one thought it would catch on after looking at the milky white zirconia produced by most companies at the time.  But the proof was in the pudding, and so today, just a few years later, most zirconia-based restorations made worldwide are full-contour restorations.