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top-lab-300wZirconia dentistry is the newest and most important technology to affect the dental lab business in the past few years.  Because of the hardness and aesthetic qualities, zirconia is the coping material of choice for nearly all cosmetic dentists, and as a result, zirconia now represents between 30% and 50% of the copings created by the most successful labs.

Especially as regional dental labs receive pressure from international outsourcing, CRYSTAL Zirconia provides labs with a significant competitive edge, allowing them to provide local dentists with more aesthetic and higher quality materials that are backed by the best warranties in the business.

Crystal Marketing Materials

An extensive library of marketing materials are available to laboratories to market your Crystal Zirconia restorations to dentists and other labs.  Many of these items are included with every purchase, some are available at a nominal cost to purchasers of Crystal blocks and discs, and others some are available for download.

Below are just a few examples of materials that are available:


12 Page Crystal Zirconia Brochure

Our 12-page zirconia product brochure was designed to be imprinted with or to receive a sticker with your lab information.  While primarily designed as a lab brochure, this beautifully designed piece is also perfect for providing your dentists with a great wealth of product information, scientific data, comparison charts and testimonials.

A PDF of this brochure is also available for download if you click on the image to the left.


Scientific Facts - White Papers

The scientific facts collection includes testing results regarding our Crystal zirconia materials, conducted by both private independent laboratories and major universities.  It also includes regulatory information, such as FDA registration information.

To view some of the detailed scientific studies and materials analysis provided to regulator bodies regarding crystal zirconia, click on the image to the left.  Additional research materials, such as industry studies and news regarding Zirconia as a dental material may be requested via the contact us form.


Patient Tri-Fold Brochure

The tri-fold patient brochure, when placed in your dentists' lobbies, encourages their patients to discuss their dentist the role that Crystal Zirconia can play in creating the most natural looking aesthetically pleasing cosmetic dental restorations.  This brochure explains, from a patient perspective, the value of all-ceramic dental restorations and the strength and beauty that can be achieved with a Crystal restoration.


Large Format Posters and Banners

The Crystal dental office poster identifies the dentist as a Crystal-authorized dental practice, and encourages patients to ask about Crystal Zirconia, and what Crystal can do to help create naturally aesthetic and life-long lasting cosmetic dentistry restorations.

We can also help you with pop-up banners that you can use in your lab and at trade shows.


Lifetime Warranty Stickers

We were the first zirconia product to offer a lifetime warranty.  Our authorized labs receive a supply of lifetime warranty stickers that they can place on paperwork and materials boxes or share with their dentists.


IdentCeram Stickers

The industry-standard IdentCeram sticker carefully and accurately identifies our Zirconia material for proper patient record keeping.  Each sticker comes in two parts, one for the lab paperwork and another for the patient chart.


One-Page Handouts in Microsoft Word

We have created a variety of handouts that labs can use to market their services to dentists and to other labs at a local or regional dental show.  These documents were created in Microsoft Word for very easy editing, so that can change your information for every show that you attend.  Just insert your logo, set your prices, and print them on your color office printer.

If you are an existing Crystal lab, send an email using our contact us page and request the one-page Word handout.


Crystal Logos

The Crystal logo is available in a variety of formats for download by our participating labs.  Included are low resolution bitmap logos (GIF, JPG, PNG) for your website and high resolution vector files (PDF, AI, CDR) for your brochures and large format printing.

Porcelain Veneering and Pressing

CRYSTAL Zirconia is carefully formulated to match normal thermal expansion standards for zirconia, so any porcelain designed for use with 10.5 CTE zirconia can be used with CRYSTAL, including:

  • Aurident - Press-i-dent
  • Degudent - Duceram KISS
  • DeGussa - KISS System
  • Dentsply - Ceramco Press
  • Dentsply - Finesse All-Ceramic
  • Dentsply - Ceramco PFZ Press
  • Dentsply - Cergo KISS
  • Dentsply - Cercon Ceram Press
  • GC America - Initial PC
  • Glidewell - Prismatic CZ Press
  • Glidewell - Prismatic ThinPress
  • Heraeus - HeraCeramPress
  • Ivoclar - IPS e.max Press
  • Ivoclar - IPS e.max ZirPress
  • Ivoclar - IPS Empress Esthetic
  • Jensen - Authentic
  • Jensen - Creation CP
  • Leach & Dillon - Cepress SL
  • Mirage - Fortress Pressable
  • Monarch - Press-Ceram Inlay Ingots
  • Monarch - Press Ceram System
  • Nobel Biocare - Nobel Rondo Press
  • Shofu - Vintage Press Over
  • Talladium - Luminesse EZ-Press
  • Vision USA - Vision Low
  • Vision USA - Vision Esthetic
  • Vident - VITA PM9
  • Vident - VITA VMK9
  • Wieland - Imagine PressX
  • Wieland - PressX ZR
  • Zahn - Pentron 3G OPC
  • Zahn - Pentron Avente
  • Zahn - Pentron Avente VCH
  • Zahn - Noritake CZR Press
Instructions for Use
Crystal Zirconia CAM Blanks, manufactured in the USA


  1. Fix the blank according to the milling system instructions.
  2. Set the enlargement factor.
  3. Start the machining.
  4. After machining, dismount the blank with the framework.
  5. Remove the framework from the blank with a diamond disc.
  6. De-dust the framework completely before firing.
  7. Dry the framework completely before firing.
  8. Position the framework in a sinter-bed inside the crucible.
  9. Program your furnace according to its manual and Crystal's sintering instructions (next page).
  10. Sinter the framework.
  11. When cool down is completed, remove the sintered framework.
  12. Inspect framework for flaws, wall thickness, seat and margin fit.
  13. Make small adjustments with a water-cooled diamond tool.
  14. Rinse the framework with water and dry it.
  15. It is now ready for veneering.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

MSDS for CRYSTAL Zirconia:


MSDS #: ZCB-06
Issue Date:
May 18, 2006
Address: 14201 N. 87th St Suite A105, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Contact (in USA & Canada): 480-948-0466 • 866-512-3567
Chemical Name: Zirconium Oxide
Trade Name and Synonyms: Zirconium Oxide Based Ceramics
Molecular Weight: Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Blocks
Cold Isostatic Pressing of Tosoh Zirconia Powders
CRYSTAL brand zirconia is manufactured in the United States based on zirconia from TOSOH, who is the world's leader in dental zircocnia compounds. TOSOH Zirconia provides more than 90% of all zirconia powder used by dental milling block manufacturers. CRYSTAL Zirconia utilizes the highest grade yttrium stabilized zirconia powders that TOSOH manufacturers.

For large blocks, a special bonding agent is added to the zirconia powder to achieve the most uniform material distribution possible. CRYSTAL blocks are pressed using an advanced Cold Isostatic Pressing technology where the block is formed under pressure from all sides in a special high-tech semi-rigid mold. Isostatic pressingassures that the resulting block is of a single uniform density. After forming, the blocks are pre-sintered and additional density measurements are taken and printed on the package and/or bar-coded on the material.

sintering-fig3 sintering-fig5
Before Sintering After Sintering

Lifetime Warranty

CRYSTAL offers a Lifetime Warranty against material manufacturing defects. Copings or substructures created with Crystal Zirconia will not break if fabricated in complaince with manufacturer's instructions. Read More...

Mission Statement

CRYSTAL provides aesthetic state-of-the-art dental materials and world-class customer service to leading edge dental laboratories, facilitating dentists who seek to to provide their clients with the highest quality dental restorations possible.