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Instructions for Use
Crystal Zirconia CAM Blanks, manufactured in the USA


  1. Fix the blank according to the milling system instructions.
  2. Set the enlargement factor.
  3. Start the machining.
  4. After machining, dismount the blank with the framework.
  5. Remove the framework from the blank with a diamond disc.
  6. De-dust the framework completely before firing.
  7. Dry the framework completely before firing.
  8. Position the framework in a sinter-bed inside the crucible.
  9. Program your furnace according to its manual and Crystal's sintering instructions (next page).
  10. Sinter the framework.
  11. When cool down is completed, remove the sintered framework.
  12. Inspect framework for flaws, wall thickness, seat and margin fit.
  13. Make small adjustments with a water-cooled diamond tool.
  14. Rinse the framework with water and dry it.
  15. It is now ready for veneering.

Safety Measures:

  • Design the framework to maximize cross-sections.
  • Carefully read the MSDS

Traditional Sintering Instructions

Type Ramp Rate Temp Dwell Time Cooling
Standard Grade Crown 4 °C / min 1500 °C 1 hour Natural
Standard Grade Bridge 3 °C / min 1500 °C 1 hour Natural

Microwave Sintering Set Points:
20 min to 700°C; then 10 min to 1000°C; then 5 min to 1200°C;
then 8 min to 1400°C; then 5 min to 1500°C; hold 25 min @ 1500°C

Indications: Crystal yttrium-stabilized medical grade zirconia is designed for use in CAD/CAM systems to form substructures for porcelain-fused-to-ceramics dental restorations. All blanks are solely for use by or on the order of a dental professional. They are not for use by the general public or over-the-counter. Limitations, including maximum number of pontics, are listed below:

  • Process chain: Porous blank is machined to enlarged framework, then sintered and veneered.
  • Material: TZP-A
  • Max Pontics for Single Unit Crown: None
  • Max Pontics for Bridges: 2 pontics
  • Min Pontic Joint: 9mm2

Contraindications: Contraindications are all applications not indicated under Indications above.


Lifetime Warranty

CRYSTAL offers a Lifetime Warranty against material manufacturing defects. Copings or substructures created with Crystal Zirconia will not break if fabricated in complaince with manufacturer's instructions. Read More...

Mission Statement

CRYSTAL provides aesthetic state-of-the-art dental materials and world-class customer service to leading edge dental laboratories, facilitating dentists who seek to to provide their clients with the highest quality dental restorations possible.